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Anonymous: Hey! I have this problem I need help with. I just started high school two weeks ago, but I already got a crush on a boy. The problem is that I've no idea how to approach him. I know *nothing* about him besides that his name is Mark and he is gorgeous. He already has some friends so he's always sitting with someone etc. Any idea what should I do? I know I'm not gonna have a lot of friends, but I want him to be one of them, even if I'm way out of his league and will never be with him.


Well, the first step to any relationship, whether romantic or platonic, is introducing one’s self! This part is really hard, since it’s pretty difficult to get the courage to just go up to someone and start talking (but if you can do that, go ahead!), so usually you have to rely on some sort of tactic.

Do you have any classes with Mark? If you do, I’m sure you can find a way to strike up conversation on that class. Anything simple will do; homework, assignments, quizzes or class help!

You can also try to strike up conversation by getting close to him (nothing creepy, of course). Maybe ask if you can sit with him and his friends?

You should also see if he’s a nice person, because if he’s rude or mean, no matter how gorgeous he is, stay away. Befriending someone who isn’t the sort of person you would like having around is really pointless and will certainly end up with you in an unhealthy relationship with that person.

When you get close to him, consider confessing if you think he feels the same way, or if you just want to get it out. You totally shouldn’t if you feel better off without, though. It’s all up to you!

Thank you for asking me this, and I hope this comes of use to you! I hope the best for you in your future friendship endeavors, and hopefully it will all turn out okay in the end.

Anonymous: I'm 107 pounds of fat and disgust and I desperately need to lose weight. My thighs are the worst part but no matter how much running or how many reps of squats I do, I physically can't reduce the fat there. Please help, before I cry myself to death


Please don’t feel that way! You’re 107 pounds of absolute cute and adorable and don’t let anyone (not even yourself!) tell you any different! Before starting with my advice, let me just say this:

Please please make sure that you are losing weight properly and healthily! Make sure you get proper rest each night and drink loads of water everyday!

Anonymous: Hi! I've got a problem with my legs. I'm not tall/skinny, but my legs are kind of okay, except for one thing. My skin's very fragile and really white. I'm always full of bruises (it's so bad that people actually thought that I'm abused at home) and if I shave/wax/do anything about my leg hairs my legs get all red-dotty. So basically, I look like an extra from the walking dead's set from waist down. What should I wear in summer? I hate skirts/dresses but no one should wear shorts with thights.


Well, to begin with, let’s start on your legs, shall we? I know you didn’t really ask about it, but it piqued my interest, so I did some research and some of the information may be of use to you!

About the red dots after shaving or waxing: I saw a suggestion where it happens after you wax because the hairs are pulled out from their roots really quickly, and react to the oxygen. Your skin also may be sensitive to your blade (if you shave), and so it’s best to try changing it and see what happens.

You also may have a case of Razor Burn, which depends on your skin type. You may want to try to use shaving cream (or not, if you already do). You may also want to use a different moisturizer, or try using After-Shave lotion.

Now to your bruises!

This is actually common between people, especially women! Women also bruise more easily than men, especially from minor injuries on the thighs, buttocks, and upper arms. Also, sometimes the tendency to bruise easily runs in families. Maybe check if that’s the case?

Some medication also may be the cause for this (such as Aspirin).

You can’t really stop it all together all at once, but you can work to prevent and treat it!

  • Ice! It reduces swelling and pain!
  • For the first 48 hours after a minor injury, try to avoid things like hot showers or alcoholic drinks, as these things might increase the swelling!
  • Try wrapping the bruise with an elastic bandage, as it helps decrease swelling!
But for anything to do with your skin, you really should consult a doctor!
Now to your summer wear! So basically you’d like something that is:
  • Not a dress
  • Not a skirt
  • Not a pair of shorts
  • Cute!
  • Suitable for hot weather
I’ve got just the thing, I think! Ever heard of chiffon pants?
They’re these cuties!
They’re light and perfect for summer, cover up your legs, and make a really cute outfit! These are only a few examples, though, and you should look them up and see if they pique your interest!
Thanks for coming to me for advice, and sorry that this is kind of late! Best wishes to you, and I hope my advice helped! Have a great day!
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Anonymous: (This is the girl that you previously talked to). Thanks so much! I immediately felt better when I received your advice, and realized, hey, I don't HAVE to like this guy. I'm not entitled to anybody, and I can choose what I want to do regardless of what other people want. That instantly made me feel much better. I've decided that if he keeps moving in on me, I'm going to have to remind him of my "boundaries." I love your advice, and I'll keep u updated on what happens. :)

Hello, again!

I’m glad that you’ve taken my advice to heart, and that it’s actually working out for you! It’s great to hear that I’m actually helping in a way, so thank you!

I’ll await further updates from you, and hope everything goes well. Have an amazing day!

Anonymous: Hey! This is the girl that u have advise to. I talked to him and he wants us to try and be a thing next year when school starts up again. I told him id "think about it, but my feelings aren't the same as a couple months ago." I asked him if we could still be friends though. He said sure, and we made up a handshake. He still calls me beautiful every day though in the hallways, and I'm not sure that his feelings have been lowered for me. I tried telling him. He listened, but he still flirts.

Hello again!

Well, to begin with, if his flirting makes you uncomfortable, be sure to tell him so! You shouldn’t force yourself to be uncomfortable with a friend, or anyone, really.

The fact that his feelings are the same for you is totally normal, though! You can’t really expect or force someone to stop liking someone just like that, just like how you can’t expect or force someone to start liking someone! Hopefully, though, even if he continues to harbor feelings for you, he does not propose a romantic relationship again, or bother/make you feel guilty!

He does seem like an understanding person, however, and I’m sure he’ll understand your boundaries and not to cross the line.

Congratulations on a new friend and an awesome new handshake, though! Thanks for coming back to me for advice and (if you want to) come back to me with updates on what happened! Have a great great day and thank you (again) for coming to me for advice!

Excuse all the exclamation marks; I was feeling sad but felt better when I got this message I really like giving advice and helping people out whoops.

Anonymous: Okay, so this really bad boy at my school likes me, and I liked him at first, but now I don't. And he still does. I told him a couple days ago that I didn't like him and he was all "okay, I'm cool with that" but yesterday he took me aside and told me that I should still give him a chance. I didn't respond, just walked away. What do I do or say when I see him again?

Hello! Thanks for coming to me for advice! I’ll do my best to help you.

The next time you see him, whenever that may be, you should explain to him how your feelings towards him have gone, and that you don’t really like him that way anymore. Tell him that you’re sorry, but you can’t really give him a chance as you do not wish to force yourself into liking him. Maybe you should also apologize about yesterday, walking away with no response and all. That is, unless he was being rude someway.

Hopefully, he will be calm and accepting about all this, but don’t forget that he will be disappointed and sad, as being turned down by someone you like always is. But also don’t forget that he has no right to be angry at you, as you are not entitled to him!

He does seem like a nice person, though, so maybe you could offer him friendship? Only if he seems to be someone you’d like to be friends with, though!

I do hope everything turns out well for you! Have a great day!

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Okay, guys, lemme explain the point of my blog to y’all. I’m here to give advice and help you out, whatever your problem is. Whether its a friendship issue you’ve got, or something you don’t understand in maths, or your relationship with your partner. Even if you don’t need me to give you something to do at all, and just need to rant to someone. Basically, everything. If I can’t seem to help you myself, which hopefully won’t happen, I’ll be sure to direct you to a place that can. Anon’s always on, so don’t get embarrassed. Let it out, and fire away!